The source doesn’t care about the mood of the river.

Good entertainment isn’t driftwood. Once in the river, we guide it to calmer waters on the high seas.

About Elbe Entertainment

Kai Müller

Owner Elbe Entertainment

Elbe Entertainment is a live event consulting agency founded by Kai Müller and based in Hamburg Altona.

With more than 20 years of experience in the event sector, we navigate artists, event organizers, venues and brands through the tides.

Kai Müller started his work in booking and artist management parallel to his business administration studies. This was followed by stints in marketing Germany’s largest open-air festival and event creation. He then moved on to become Director Booking within the Anschutz Entertainment Group at Northern Germany’s largest multifunctional arena, where he was responsible for program design.

At Elbe Entertainment, all these experiences come together to shape the challenges and possibilities of today’s live entertainment business. We bring together the best of both worlds as a boutique agency for tailored solutions and strategies.

Our Services

Event Consulting

Kai Müller has booked or organized more than 1,500 events – be it for international stars like Justin Timberlake, Kylie Minogue or the Pet Shop Boys, for national artists from Deichkind to Jan Delay, family shows, E-Sports or outdoor festivals. In the sports sector, he planned and supervised matches for the National Hockey League and the World Handball Championship.

Elbe Entertainment knows how to make events successful and will advise you on planning and realizing your event.

Venue Consulting

You can take advantage of our longtime experience in planning, operating and marketing venues. For more than a decade, Kai Müller held a leading position at the world’s largest venue operator. Elbe Entertainment provides you with this expertise to ensure that your venue is securely and profitably positioned in the market and operated with a powerful program.

Corona Safe Event

Hygiene and the prevention of infection have always played an integral role in the planning and execution of our events. With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic – the SARS-CoV-2 virus – protecting healthy individuals and the general population has become a key focus in the planning and realization of all types of events.

Artist Management

We clear the way for artists to concentrate on doing what audiences love. With a joint vision, skillful craft behind us, and innovative navigation, we guide you even in strong winds – whether it’s putting together the right partners or strategic career planning.

Artist Booking

We know how booking works – no matter if it’s a small club or a big arena, locally, nationally or overseas. Through an extensive network in the concert business, Elbe Entertainment has contacts both to German and international artists agencies and event organizers. We find the right artist for your event and the right stage for artists.

Event Conception

Extraordinary events are built on a good story. Elbe Entertainment listens closely to these stories and offers you professionally developed concepts to realize your aims. We can’t wait to develop and realize these ideas together with you.


Elbe Entertainment helps you increase your commercial results through innovative marketing strategies in premium ticketing and event sponsoring. We create event marketing concepts for tours and one-off events that pull out all the stops and put brands on the right track.