Coronavirus-safe Events

Hygiene and the prevention of infection have always played an integral role in the planning and execution of our events. With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic – the SARS-CoV-2 virus – protecting healthy individuals and the general population has become a key focus in the planning and realization of all types of events.
As a result of state and local coronavirus safety regulations, hygiene concepts for events are mandatory and incorporate measures to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. We develop our individually tailored hygiene concepts to meet the latest regulatory requirements, following the recommendations of interdisciplinary expert groups, industry associations and professional associations.

We provide the planning, implementation and monitoring of infection control and hygiene concepts for events and venues. Moreover, we cooperate with a Hamburg-based manufacturer of SARS-CoV-2 antigen rapid tests to use during events and establish rapid testing in the event industry.

Kai Müller has himself been trained as a medical professional and last year completed additional training to become a certified officer for infection control and hygiene at events (IBIT). His expertise in this area reflects the latest developments, particularly regarding the conceptual planning and execution of events in the current coronavirus pandemic.

Our Hamburg-based cooperation partner for antigen rapid tests guarantees a very high level of sensitivity and specificity. Notably, both the WHO and the Robert Koch Institute endorse the manufacturer. Coronavirus rapid tests will take on enormous importance for the event industry. They provide a fast and reliable means of verifying safety and offer an additional option to vaccinations, social distancing and hygiene regulations for all types of events.
In just 10-15 minutes, this antigen rapid test detects whether a person is infected with the coronavirus or not. Elbe Entertainment offers a “one-stop solution,” including all the necessary medical staff and logistics at the event location.

Elbe Entertainment pays careful attention to every aspect of worker safety on stage and backstage – even before participants and visitors of events come into the picture.
Protection against infection and hygiene concepts for crews, bands, artists and employees are a matter of course for Elbe Entertainment. We also develop customized test strategies for this so that great entertainment can be presented with utmost safety.